Tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer!

James 5:16bTPT


The Bible is exciting. Sometimes the stories you read in the Bible can seem mysterious, but don't be confused. God has given you—His child, keys to unlock God—level mysteries. It's obvious. God put heavenly–realm secrets within your reach. You don't need to go through life with a magnifying glass, searching for Truth. It's written on the tablet of your spirit–heart. The RED LETTERS in the Bible create words that Holy Spirit illuminates—cracking codes, solving riddles, and unlocking mysteries. Imagine sitting on Jesus' lap. What does His voice sound like? Find out for yourself at Red Letter Mysteries Kids' Camp. An adventure of parable–like proportions.


It's no secret. Wacky–O is still riddled with the most mysterious games known to today's children. Unlock the unthinkable. Maneuver the puzzling, three–part mix of olympic–type games that leave most detectives standing there scratching their head.



Dates: July 17-20

Ages: 8-13.

Cost: $150 per camper. A $25 deposit per camper is due by July 9.

Registration begins at Destiny Church on Monday, July 17 at 2pm.

Checkout is 2pm on Thursday, July 20. Pick up your camper promptly.

Bring a Bible, notebook, pen, clothing, bedding, blow–up mattress if desired, sheets, warm blanket, pillow, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, shampoo, soap, swim trunks/swimsuit, money for the canteen, and a good attitude.

Please keep cell phones, video games, and all electronics safely at home.

For additional info, call Destiny Church at: 218-685-4026.